Different with a purpose. We deliver what we promise, no shortcuts. We are proud to serve our first responders, emergency managers, hospitals and first receivers, because all our team members are you, or have been you. We also understand the demands and challenges on the emergency preparedness and response system.

We believe in the “Whole of Community” approach and the application of the “Preparedness Cycle” and have expert consultants who can elevate your capabilities across functions.

Our team consists of experts in the planning process, this includes how to conduct a Training and Exercise Planning Workshop (TEPW) which will lead to the development of the Multi-Year Training and Exercise Plan that is required by many grants.

Our team includes instructors with real field experience and tens of thousands of hours of instructor time. Exceeds standards in teaching the National Incident Management System and the suite of the All-Hazards Incident Command System courses.

We have several Master Exercise Practitioners as designated by the Department of Homeland Security. These team members have designed complex multi-jurisdictional, multi-functional full-scale exercises down to a lighter touch of a tabletop exercise. We take care in following the Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) guidelines because we are also instructors of the HSEEP course. We have mastered the art of evaluating exercises with the appropriate subject matter experts and collaborating with our clients on After-Action Reporting and Improvement Planning.

Designated as Service Disabled Veteran, Proud to Serve and We Deliver.